Sunday, November 29, 2009

Typical Parents of a Second Child

So yes... we are taking fewer pictures of Joseay and blogging less. BUT... we have an excuse. She has been killing us the last couple of weeks. I would have put money down that she was for sure going to have colic. She would scream in pain a LOT of the time when she wasn't asleep. Good times. It was definitely wearing on us as we were trying to figure out ways to make her feel better in the midst of our sleep deprivation. Well, we switched her to Soy Formula a few days ago and it has been slightly miraculous! I am in heaven. Now THIS is fun! This is how I remember a newborn being - sweet, cuddly, sleepy. Good stuff.

Brown has also finally started taking an interest in his sister. Especially when I told him today that she has a belly button, too. That's what we are pointing to in one of the pictures. He had a rough first couple of weeks with her around, but I think he's finally caught on that he's still our favorite boy and he will still get attention - ESPECIALLY with this beautiful soy calming her down. WAHOOOoooo!
My favorite!

It's hard to find hats to fit that tiny head!

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  1. OK - this is one very cute family. I read your blog on the old site about how do you find the love to love a second when you love the first so much. I remember wondering the same thing, and I think that's where I learned the bottomless, unfathomable nature of God's love - it just keeps coming. Imagine God's love for His kids.....and that is the same wellspring we draw from. What a great journey you are on - love the pics - and love keeping up. JD turned 18 on Sunday so I took my "man" out for dinner. It goes in a hurry!