Friday, January 22, 2010

Garbage Pals - following in my footsteps

Yesterday was one of those defining moments – one of those images that will be in my mind for a long time. You hear parents talk about memories of their children that they will never forget, and I must say that yesterdays image is etched in my memory. Is it too early to say that sort of thing about something that happened less than 24 hours ago?

Brown had been cooped up way to long and he needed to get outside. So I took him out to move the trash can around to the front. I walked him out the back door, grabbed the big can and began rolling it around towards the front. He loves pulling that sort of thing around. I said “come help me with the trash can.” He heard me, looked at me and ran the other way. I was hoping that once I moved the trash can, he would come running to the sound, but after I moved a bit to the front of the house, I saw nothing. I better go see where he is. As I started toward the back of the house, I hear another loud rumble from behind the house. Not a scary loud, but a curious loud. And the next thing I see is Brown walking around the house trailing a smaller trash can that we keep the recyclables in. Now, what I had forgotten about, and what I have not yet told you is that Brown loves to drag the recyclable trash can around the driveway. As soon as he saw dad get the big trash can, he thought, it is time to go get my trash can.

So with a huge smile on my face, I turned back to the trash can, proceeded to walk to the road knowing that he was right behind me with his can. Of course it was empty and I had to go back and get it later. But that vision is still clear in my mind, of him proudly following his father, trash can in tow to take the trash out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our last month in pictures...

Wow. It is REALLY hard to keep this blog thing happening with 2 kids. I have been wanting to write on here for weeks and just can't squeeze enough time out of the day. I thought I could at least upload some pictures to represent our last month or so since I have been slacking off on this. Time is precious these days. In a nutshell, Brown turned 2 in December. This is a picture of his daddy licking the cake icing off of his fingers. We celebrated with his cousins over at our house eating cake and opening presents, which he has really never done. He is totally digging the unwrapping thing, now. He actually hit someone for the first time - his cousin, Ella. She swiped a new truck out of his hand (a couple of times) that he was pretty excited about opening. It was chaos. He was exhausted - past bedtime. And there it was... 2 punches to her arm. It was time to put him to bed.

This has pretty much been our last 2 months or so. Crying, puking, holding... therefore, no blogging.

Bathtime for the kiddos. Is it just me, or does Curt look tired?

Cousin Keely holding her "1st cousin Joseay".
Santa's little helper (when she wasn't crying)

She has been doing better the last couple of days, and she even snuggled up for a little nap on Curt, today. It has been hard for her to be content because of her reflux and ... who knows... colic? Satan? Not sure what has been making her scream bloody murder, but it is definitely getting a little better every week, so we are thankful.

Someone noticed how few (none) pictures we have around our house of Joseay at this point. Pictures of her screaming and crying just haven't been the ones I've been wanting to blow up and frame lately. But there have been more of these moments the last few days so I thought I should start documenting them.

Brown had a somewhat hard time adjusting the first few weeks of Joseay's existence. But now he gives her several kisses a day and actually started crying last night when I was shipping her off with a babysitter for the evening.