Monday, July 22, 2013

The Tooth of Time

My dad has been out at Philmont scout ranch doing some training this summer.   We spent a week or two there when I was a kid and I remember they have this mountain or prominence with a large exposed rock that they call the tooth of time. It certainly looks like a tooth, but why it is called the tooth of time, I don’t know.

Brown lost his second tooth this weekend, and actually kept up with it this time - I am convinced he swallowed his first one.  This second one was hanging by a thread and it kept him up his whole nap time fiddling with it but eventually he came out with it in his hand smiling really big.  He is growing up for sure.  Its nice that we are designed in such a way that our physical bodies change  as we grow up.  This is a great reminder to me that both my kids are maturing on the inside as well.  Not only has he lost all of that babyness in his form and is a long and lanky boy now, but he is learning about the world, how it works, and how he fits in.  Every time he loses a tooth, we can remind ourselves that he is no longer a baby.  Each tooth is brick in the building.  A rock in the mountain. Step by step, we grow, change, mature, and learn.  Time scoots by.  May I savour each moment.