Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wilmington Visit

Ah, what summer should be about at this age!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dark

Brown is suddenly afraid of the dark. I don’t know what happened or how he got this way, but it is kind of weird. In the evening, if there is a room with out a light on so that it is dim, he will run to the door and just stand there, either wait for someone to go with him, or just turn around and go elsewhere. It is very strange to us. I really thought this would not come until later, until someone had let him see some sort of movie or TV show which would then make him scared of the dark, but it seems he has come about this quite naturally.

Joseay is quite the talker these days. Ok, not words or anything, but she loves to just babble on for a while – I am sure she is expressing deep emotion, mostly how she lives her parents and the Brown, but we will have to wait until later to hear the full story. She is beginning to get her knees under her so we guess crawling won’t be too far away. Doesn’t look like we will get the army crawl like we did with Brown. They are so interactive these days and both love it. Especially since Brown can leave whenever he gets tired of her. Things may change when she starts following... The picture is of them looking at Goodnight Moon. Both enthrawled.

Brown starts a half day of school this fall – just about a month away now – and I am not sure that Chris or I are ready for this adventure. We have loved keeping him at home and being able to go whenever. But he loves to be out with other kids and loves to learn, so we are going to try this and see how it goes. I haven’t given up on eventually home schooling both kids within a larger community, but we will see where this takes us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Well, the updates are few at this point because our lives are full. Spare time is simply non existent so carving time out of time with kids to write about how good the kids are doing seems silly. And again, I have to apologize to Joseay as this is effectively her baby book that we are neglecting at this point. Yep, we are not recording this very well, but know that we are loving hanging out with both of you right now and Chris is snapping lots of pictures. Someday, we might go back and record some of the stories.

Brown is now sleeping in his big boy bed (don’t tell him it is just his crib with a side removed). He has been doing pretty well in it though the last time he was in it, he did sort of end up hanging off onto the floor for a bit. But he loves sitting in bed and having us sit there and read to him. He has gotten to where he will pat the bed beside him and say “daddy” indicating that I am to get over there and sit down.

Joseay is sleeping well, waking up smiling and generally being agreeable. She is eating Cheerios by the dozens now and it won’t be long before she will be eating off of our plates. She has been sitting easily for a while now and we really don’t even worry about her falling over anymore. She spins around on her belly but has not really begun to motivate to crawl as of yet. It looks like her two teeth will be the only ones for a while. She loves to be tipped upside down and generally giggles if you kiss her belly – she is quite ticklish. Hair, well still not so much.

Brown and I had a great night on the dock a few nights ago. He and I were mostly sitting in the small pool but he was doing his fair share of running around and we were both singing and yelling as the sun went down. The lake was getting quiet as he kept asking me to get in the pool with him. We laughed and smiled and had an evening that is hard to capture except to say that it is my favorite memory with him so far.

Did we mention Joseay’s first trip to the beach? We all had a great time. Joseay ate quite a bit of sand and seems to have survived it just fine, Brown finally had fun in the waves and it was hard to drag him off the beach most times. We had a babysitter so Chris and I were able to escape for some lazy bike rides around town and get to a wedding and associated dinners without hassle and with MUCH fun. We had good weather, good food, good kids (with babysitter), good friends at the wedding, and a quiet beach. This will be the vacation we try to emulate in the future. The one the kids will get tired of hearing about. (Joseay, I remember when you were just 7 months old, we took you to St. Simons Island…)