Thursday, September 8, 2011

Green to Radiant

Fall seems to have snuck up on us out of the blazing heat as we received about 10 inches of rain in a 24 hour period here in Chattanooga taking us immediately from a parched, hot summer to a wet, cool autumn. We lost electricity (or “the batteries are dead” according to Brown) with down power lines blocking the driveway forcing a sleep over at the house with a few guests around candles which was nice.
With all the changes in the air, we decided it was time to rid our house of that blessed peace-bringing invention called the pacifier. We have had them as a part of our lives for a few years now but it is time to say good bye. So me, I thought of several gradual ways to wean Miss Joseay off of her pacie, taking slow baby steps one at a time. While I was coming up with a spreadsheet to plan these steps (not really, but don’t put it past me), I came home and Chris said “it is done.” “What is done?” “Her pacie.” “What do you mean?” “They are gone. She took a nap without the pacie and now they are packed up.” Hmm. I wanted to tell her how abrupt that change was and how it clearly would not work. Except that it worked beautifully. Joseay has slept through several naps and nights without the pacie now so just like that, she (and we) loses another remnant of her babyhood, and she takes another step toward being a little girl and no longer a toddler.
Seasons change at the blink of an eye, where you once saw beautiful summer in the green leaves, they suddenly turn radiant and summer exists only as a glowing memory.