Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines and snow

Feb 13, 2014  Late morning, inches and inches of snow

Last friday was the father daughter dance so Joseay and I got dressed up and went.  Problem was,she had been a bit ill for a few days, but desperately wanted to go.  So we drove out there, I carried her in through the freezing wind to the Embassy Suites where there were hundreds of dads and daughters.  she had been asking about the desserts, or more specifically the sweets that we would have.  I didn’t understand until we got there that when I said Embassy suites, she was hearing Embassy Sweets.  Of course.  The viewpoint of a 4 year old  Excellent.  She was quite proud to be the little lady and see all the other girls there.  She held up for about an hour until she started crying on the dance floor.  She was exhausted.  So we made our way home and she fell very quickly asleep.  A memorable if not enjoyable night!

The next day, we had to clear out of our house as they were putting stain on the floors.  We stayed in Cleveland a couple of nights before relocating to the Goods for a couple of nights for round one of the snow.  But last night, we got back to our house and the bottom dropped out- inches and inches of snow that we have been outside playing in today.  It should all melt pretty quickly as the sun is out and expects to hit 40 today. But we will see. This is the storm that our kids will remember..