Monday, April 26, 2010

That dreaded bath time event...

We had a good time at the Discovery Museum today. Two is much harder, but doable. Joseay just had to be carried the whole time, but Brown did a good job playing and exploring without me having to be right near him all of the time. He loved it. Joseay did a good job holding her bottle on the way out to the car. She's a pretty coordinated little thing.

So when we got home, Brown had lots of sand on him
from digging for dinosaur bones, so I stripped him down at the door and he ran to the bath. He had a great time in the bath and was happy for 20 minutes or so. And then… UH Ohhhhh… the moment we knew would come. Suddenly, something in the water was really scaring him. He stood up and kept trying to get away from it – crying, squealing… yelling…


Sure enough… there were floaters and sinkers to dodge. The more he
ran from them, the more they moved around in the water and tried to get him. Talk about saying “BLEEEHHGGGHHH over and over! He did not like it at all. He looked a bit terrified. So I got him out and stood him on the bathroom floor next to me while I fished for the nuggets. I put them into a bag and we dumped them into the toilet. He flushed and told them “bye bye”.

So then he had pooh pooh water all over himself, so we walked upstairs to mommy and daddy’s shower. As I got the shower water warm for him, he peed ALL over the floor.

Oye vey! Hilarious. This morning involved a lot of cleaning up time.

It's been a pretty long 5 months, but things are definitely starting to even out a bit. All of those people who told us that going from one to two kids was a HUGE adjustment... "word", is all I have to say. Holy cow.

Joseay is smiling and gi
ggling more and more and loves showing off her 2 new teeth. She's doing better rolling over and she is really great at holding toys and banging them around. She loves the "freedom" of the exersaucer and jumpy thing. She is just SO READY to walk and run and do her own thing. You can see the frustration in her when she is being held and she just wants to do it on her own. She is going to give us a run for our money... she is making that very clear. She'll keep us on our toes for sure.

The Peace Offering (she's not too interested)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does this count as camping?

Well we are planning a camping trip with some friends this weekend and last weekend we thought we better practice as we have 2 kids now. Shouldn’t be too much trouble right? As you will see, it didn't go so well. We pitched the tent in the yard up at the lake and began to put our stuff in for the night. But before we even got in to go to sleep, we decided that with the baby still getting up twice a night screaming bloody murder, we would try this first night with just Brown and let grandma keep Joseay. So that is what we did. Then we laid down for the night about 10pm. Brown decided it was play time and didn't even go to sleep until 11:30 while making frequent loud noises. About 1pm, just as it was getting good and cold, Chris reached over to cover Brown once again since he kept kicking the covers off. She realized Brown was soaked. Not just damp but soaked through his clothes and his sleeping pad with tee tee. So at 1am, Curt and Chris stripped Brown down in the freezing cold, changed his diaper, found new clothes, flipped the sleeping mattress over and tried to settle him down again. Well, he is not a still sleeper and kept waking up crying, moving around. This continued until about 4am when we decided to give up and go inside and put everyone to bed which is what happened. So Curt and Chris think that maybe this year is not the right one for camping with this age kids and maybe next year will be better. Even if we decided to tough it out, Curt thinks that no one else in the campground would get a good night's sleep listening to both kids scream alternatively through the night. Wouldn't exactly be fun for anyone. So this summer, anytime you hear us talking about a tent, you will know we are planning on “camping on the lawn.” It was so easy when Brown was 3months old and camping in the cold. What happened?

On another note, Joseay rolled over from her back to her front for the first time yesterday. Yep missed that one too (see last post)… Second children are so neglected…