Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Song

Have I mentioned the kids are growing up quickly?  Brown is taking such initiative, from simply grabbing his own food, to deciding where he wants to go, to simply making up his own games.  When I got home yesterday, he insisted that I pull into the garage so that he could change my oil.  Then, we pulled mom’s car into the garage so it could be just like the oil change place that he had been to earlier in the day.  Then he and Joseay began to do all sorts of things, fill up the tires with air from the hose (an old rope) looking under the cars, opening the doors…

Joseay is certainly flowering more fully into herself which means we are getting a more full picture of her strong personality that has good and bad sides! She is so powerful.  I got this email from Chris the other day while I was at work: Thought you would enjoy this sweet song Joseay just made up when I was tucking her in for nap. I thought it might be God's favorite praise song He has heard all day: 
"God, I love youuuuuu. 
The sunshine is so pretty. 
The bees are so stingy. 
God loves us so much, much, much. 
He loves me so much."

So stingy. Awesome.