Saturday, November 17, 2012

Summer of Firsts

Maybe a bit late to record this, but we had lots of firsts this summer.  Both kids learned how to swim, both started school, Joseay is out of diapers and out of her crib, and Brown is riding horses.  Fun times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joseay's third birthday

Our kids continue to be a major blessing in our lives, teaching us, frustrating us, and keeping us on our toes. Their journey to adulthood begins to be more evident as we see more of their inner character emerge and assert itself for others to see.  That is perhaps why people light up when Joseay enters a room.  She is this small physical specimen already exuding confidence, joy, showmanship, and above all energy.  It is easy to speculate as to the young woman she may become which is fun for onlookers, perhaps scary for her parents...

One of their favorite songs is Holy, Holy Holy. (little angels...) Anyway, they were both sitting on the hearth singing Holy with the fire going in the background, and I was sitting across from them on the couch.  It was a truly picturesque moment in our house except for one small detail.  As Brown was singing this wonderful word Holy, he had his foot on top of Joseay’s bare foot grinding it into the floor with gusto.  Brotherly love at its finest.  

As I mentioned, they are teaching us everyday.  On this particular day, we saw a reflection of ourselves  In even our best moments of trying to worship, there is that part of us that is so full of self, we are oblivious to others' hurt.  We have the simultaneous desire to sing Holy, Holy, Holy as we are anything but holy.


We continue to pray for hearts that are changed.  For all four of us.  And we are most thankful for grace.