Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crib be gone...

 Well she is not a baby anymore. I mean she acts like a baby sometimes and she is still close to the size, but she hasn’t been an infant in a long while now. And I, like most parents am slow to realize my child is actually older than she appears in my eyes. I guess that is why I finally got around to converting her crib into a toddler bed this weekend. She has climbed out a time or two, but that has been months ago and she has seemed to be content with just being in the crib and calling for us when she is ready to get up. But we are planning to start potty training soon and she needs to be able to safely get herself from her bed to the bathroom, so we took the front of the crib off. Wow. No more crib, no more baby.
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Monday, August 6, 2012


I have to agree with posts that argue that facebook makes us less satisfied with our current lives and perhaps lonelier.  How many of us have the experience of idly cruising over to facebook, spending 5 minutes looking at our friends on the beach, their kids playing happily, our classmates with great exciting jobs, friends at a party, and generally watching others do fantastic things while we are at home in an old tshirt, paying bills while our kids scream.  "Man, their life is so much better than mine."  If these words have ever formed in your mind while on facebook, then you have become what we refer to in our house as "facebroke."  Facebroke, that terrible feeling of inadequacy when you forget that facebook is where people post only their good stuff, when you forget that their lives are often mundane as well.  Facebroke, not a good feeling.

To attempt to get unfacebroke, simply look at your posts over the last year, you will actually see pictures of you smiling, that time you hiked to the top of the mtn, that time you had a date at sunset and took that fantastic picture, the evening where you and several of your friends were out and laughing hard enough to hurt, and also that time that your kids all smiled at once and were in clean clothes.  When you start thinking, "man, I wish that were my life," and then realize, oh yeah, that is me in those pictures, you have become unfacebroke.  Congratulations.