Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas list

Each Christmas, our kids take another step in figuring out this whole Santa thing.  Last year was the first year that they really remembered a Christmas past so that the anticipation was big.  This year, that is still the case.  But they have been reading a book where the kids make a list of things they want – a list so long they have to tape sheets of paper together.  So of course, our kids thought, that is a great idea.  So they make their lists, stapling multiple sheets with lists of various toys.  Of course their desire to write outpaces their spelling ability which makes the list even more interesting.  Here is a snap shot of what we are talking about.

Now you may be wondering what the “incepr” is.  If you weren't before, you are now.  This of course is an innkeeper.  I have no idea why my son wants an innkeeper.  I have yet to really be able to parse out what he thinks an innkeeper is.  We keep joking about putting a man in his stocking.  I think finally this afternoon when we were reading a kids picture book of this story that he understood what he was asking for.  He just laughed and said “maybe I will scratch that off my list.”

Good times.  Merry Christmas. Perhaps if we all crossed off the unnecessary things on our lists and tried focusing on others’ lists, this would be a sweeter time of year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Belly laughs and station wagons

This past Sunday, we had popcorn, cheese and apples as per usual during the evening, but we got to share this feast with our friends the fortneys.  We watched charlie brown’s thanksgiving which I was hoping the kids would enjoy.  But I didn't expect the peals of laughter coming from the youngest two kids there.  They were letting loose belly laughs, mostly at the physical humor.  Near the end of the video, the characters all pile into the back of an old school station wagon where the seats face each other.  Like the kind that we all spent countless hours in carpooling to swim practice, soccer, church, school, going camping etc.  Anyway, as the characters on the screen were piling into the couches, Charlotte Fortney said “why is there a living room in the back of the car?”  It was our turn to belly laugh.  This thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for, big and small.  Big in the sense that we have our freedom, we have friends, and we have a Savior who continues to guide us through life to our ultimate destination.  And small things.  Like belly laughs with our kids.  
May your pumpkin pie be interrupted at least once this season by a huge unexpected belly laugh.

Friday, May 30, 2014


Did I mention that girl is fearless?  A few weeks ago, it was just Joseay and I at the house, she had been riding her bike a bit, then we were wandering in the woods.  Weirdly enough, most of the trees in the woods are not good climbing trees, so despite having tons of trees, my kids really haven't climbed trees to any great extent.  So I got to looking around and found a hemlock tree that would be serviceable.  At first, she didn't really get it, didn't get the concept.  But as soon as she put her head up a few feet into the branches, this happened:

I like the fact that she still has her helmet on...

A few weeks later, the week before Easter, we were at the lake with some other kids all of who were sort of playing at the edge of the water, dipping their toes in and talking about how cold it was.  Joseay then takes a running leap off the dock and splashes into the water.  You didn't even have to look to know who it was.  Now she got out pretty quickly as the week before Easter, it was still pretty chilly.

This is going to be exciting...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Young Capitalists

Spring is just beginning to push up with the flowers, buds and a bit of green showing up.  Our front yard is covered with dandelions and other weeks.  I quixotically pick the dandelions every year, likely to no avail.  Last year the kids sort of helped.  But last weekend, instead of asking them to pick the dandelions, I simply “charged” them 3 dandelions to be pushed on the swing which is their activity of choice these days.  They completely loved it, running around the yard, searching for the dandelions.  They would come running back with their dandelions, do the swing, and then dash off again.  It was a cross between Tom Sawyer and the fence and a lesson in capitalism as a motivator.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines and snow

Feb 13, 2014  Late morning, inches and inches of snow

Last friday was the father daughter dance so Joseay and I got dressed up and went.  Problem was,she had been a bit ill for a few days, but desperately wanted to go.  So we drove out there, I carried her in through the freezing wind to the Embassy Suites where there were hundreds of dads and daughters.  she had been asking about the desserts, or more specifically the sweets that we would have.  I didn’t understand until we got there that when I said Embassy suites, she was hearing Embassy Sweets.  Of course.  The viewpoint of a 4 year old  Excellent.  She was quite proud to be the little lady and see all the other girls there.  She held up for about an hour until she started crying on the dance floor.  She was exhausted.  So we made our way home and she fell very quickly asleep.  A memorable if not enjoyable night!

The next day, we had to clear out of our house as they were putting stain on the floors.  We stayed in Cleveland a couple of nights before relocating to the Goods for a couple of nights for round one of the snow.  But last night, we got back to our house and the bottom dropped out- inches and inches of snow that we have been outside playing in today.  It should all melt pretty quickly as the sun is out and expects to hit 40 today. But we will see. This is the storm that our kids will remember..