Friday, June 15, 2012


I think there are probably many people who would say that they don't believe in God, but in a crisis, they pray.  Perhaps not so unlike those of us who profess to believe, yet in a crisis, our prayers attain a whole new level of urgency.  So this fact comes as no surprise to any parents out there: raising kids continues to teach us about prayer.

Other than robotically repeating what they have heard us pray many times (thanks for the food, thanks for this day), our kids have really yet to pray.  (or you might argue the exact opposite, that all of our prayers, even our adult prayers are so feeble that in comparison, the prayers of our children are as real as ours...)  So Brown and I were laying in bed the other night praying and his first original, heartfelt prayer was uttered. He had received a hand-me-down electric car that we were having trouble making work.  That night he said his first prayer: "Please let the car battery work."

Though I hope he, and I, begin to focus our prayer life more on others needs rather than our own, it was still heartening to see him make the connection of prayer to change. From the mouths of babes....

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ok, sorry for you to have to read this in later years, but Brown, we have thought you to be very timid.  And in some ways, you are a very cautious child and we love this about you.   But you surprised us this week.  Because of our frequent and ongoing time around the water, we decided that you needed to be subjected to the military swim lessons of Coach Tom this week which so far has been little more than throwing you in the water and watching you struggle to get to the side (he does have a system, though).  There have been lots of tears, both you and Joseay and your mommy.  But in general, I am pleased to report, you have responded to the challenge very well.  And you are learning to swim!  It is very exciting for Chris and I as parents to see that when it comes down to it, you have risen to the occasion.  Fun.

So, lest any of you think that the above picture is part of the harsh swim lessons, the above road rash is a souvenir of the combination of Brown, bike, and asphalt.  Likely not the last with this unfortunate combination.  Although only a faint echo of my childhood, I still remember that pain and fear of leaving a bit of my flesh on the cement.  Brown, each time I see your face in this condition, it definitely pains me.  But in a deeper sense, I am reminded of how many parents have had to witness deeper pains in their children, whether they be severe physical pains or perhaps the more devastating emotional pains that lead to scarring.  So in a weird way, this painful week for you has been a reminder to me of how good we have it.  The swim lessons will soon be over and you will have become safer around water.  These physical wounds will heal, likely without even a scar.  God has been gracious to us as a family.