Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas list

Each Christmas, our kids take another step in figuring out this whole Santa thing.  Last year was the first year that they really remembered a Christmas past so that the anticipation was big.  This year, that is still the case.  But they have been reading a book where the kids make a list of things they want – a list so long they have to tape sheets of paper together.  So of course, our kids thought, that is a great idea.  So they make their lists, stapling multiple sheets with lists of various toys.  Of course their desire to write outpaces their spelling ability which makes the list even more interesting.  Here is a snap shot of what we are talking about.

Now you may be wondering what the “incepr” is.  If you weren't before, you are now.  This of course is an innkeeper.  I have no idea why my son wants an innkeeper.  I have yet to really be able to parse out what he thinks an innkeeper is.  We keep joking about putting a man in his stocking.  I think finally this afternoon when we were reading a kids picture book of this story that he understood what he was asking for.  He just laughed and said “maybe I will scratch that off my list.”

Good times.  Merry Christmas. Perhaps if we all crossed off the unnecessary things on our lists and tried focusing on others’ lists, this would be a sweeter time of year.