Monday, April 2, 2012


Joseay has been making more of a fuss lately when it is time to nap or go to bed for the night. She knows that she can get her mom riled up when she screams or shrieks when I am walking out of her room. She loves pushing my buttons because I clearly don't want her disturbing Brown with her screams while we are trying to put him to sleep in the room next to hers. So for the last week or two, i can tell she has started to feel like I am at her mercy and she loves it. It is so enjoyable to her that it has even become worth it for her to have her beloved blankie taken away when she screams. She's kind of a rebel like that. Not good...

So anyway, yesterday I had decided that this just had to end once and for all. No more warnings. I had already taken every stuffed animal and blanket like substance out of her crib (which also makes her shriek and scream- fun cycle). I had thrown them all out on to her floor and she was all alone in her stark white lonely crib. I told her if I had to come back into her room one more time because of her shrieking, that I was going to have to spank her. No questions- she was getting a spanking.

So of course... As soon as I shut the door behind me, my precious little angel (aka strong willed rebel) shrieked louder than ever. So I stormed in, turned her over, and gave her a good one. She cried!!! Oh, did she cry. I walked out of her room and shut the door and heard her crying and whimpering for her mommy. Then she got quiet. Ahhhhh... Peace. She must have cried herself to sleep. I had won. Sheeesh- finally! I was now on my way back to regaining my authority and being in charge again. Ha!!! No more victories for the two year old! Showed her.

After about an hour, I heard her talking and cutely laughing - which was kind of a relief. It's never fun for a spanking to be the last interaction between you and your child before they go to sleep. So I walked in to her room and went over to her crib. She was cuddling with her stuffed kitty cat and cutely playing with bunny and tigger and pooh bear who was wrapped in her blankie. She was so happy and smiled big at me and said "hi mommy!". I was thinking to myself, "wow... that is amazing...what grace... beautiful forgiveness and love of a child even after a good spanking is just amazing to me. How quickly she wants me to pick her up again and hug her and kiss her and she is just so happy. I wish I could move on from things that quickly and not hold a grudge or feel sad. Joseay is so cute playing with her little kitty cat and snuggling with her bunny... wait... her kitty cat... her bunny... they were on the floor. They were not in her crib."

You little punk. You climbed out of your crib, got all of your animals and blankets back into your crib, and then you climbed back up and over into your crib. And you've been in here playing with them and having a good ole time for the last hour. Unbelievable."

I had to walk out so I wouldn't laugh in front of her. I love that girl. She cracks me up.