Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who said Madness?

Well, for those of you who think march madness started today, you haven't been to our house lately. The last two weeks have seen fevers in both kids, ear infection, RSV, breathing treatments, tylenol, amoxil, nexium, ear drops, up all night (ok not new) as well as vomiting on the favorite non washable stuffed bear. So in the Chaffin household, the madness is subsiding for a while. Joseay is celebrating the first appearance by the mighty mighty terriers as you can clearly see above. Wofford you know.

We are sort of using this blog as our public babybook (there isn't a private one) so I expect the kids may one day peruse through some of these entries. So Joseay, if you are reading this, I am happy to report that yesterday, you rolled over for the first time. Rolling over is one of those fun milestones. It means you are strong enough to start actually moving yourself around. You are no longer an immobile blob, but locomotion has come to your world. It is a glorious event, one for which we have kept a camera handy for weeks so that we could capture the moment on film. Unfortunately, we missed it. I don't mean that we didn't get a picture of it, we didn't even see it. One minute you were on your stomach, laying there on the floor, then you were on your back. we weren't even in the room. Brown, if you are reading this, don't tell Joseay. She might start complaining that we are treating her like a typical second child, missing important milestones and not nearly so many pictures. We are trying, but wow, there is so much to do. Like watch you both smile at each other while you "help" her. Like riding you on my back. Like watching her smile. Like helping you dump your diaper contents in the toiled and seeing the amazement on your face (more later. Uh, maybe not...) Like making her laugh. Like dancing with you. So much to do... truly march madness continues.