Sunday, November 29, 2009

Typical Parents of a Second Child

So yes... we are taking fewer pictures of Joseay and blogging less. BUT... we have an excuse. She has been killing us the last couple of weeks. I would have put money down that she was for sure going to have colic. She would scream in pain a LOT of the time when she wasn't asleep. Good times. It was definitely wearing on us as we were trying to figure out ways to make her feel better in the midst of our sleep deprivation. Well, we switched her to Soy Formula a few days ago and it has been slightly miraculous! I am in heaven. Now THIS is fun! This is how I remember a newborn being - sweet, cuddly, sleepy. Good stuff.

Brown has also finally started taking an interest in his sister. Especially when I told him today that she has a belly button, too. That's what we are pointing to in one of the pictures. He had a rough first couple of weeks with her around, but I think he's finally caught on that he's still our favorite boy and he will still get attention - ESPECIALLY with this beautiful soy calming her down. WAHOOOoooo!
My favorite!

It's hard to find hats to fit that tiny head!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chubby 6 Pounder!

Well... first of all, OK, OK, you were right. We are having a hard time keeping this blog as up to date as we did for the first child. So there. You were right. So here is a quick update. I took Joseay to her 2 week pediatrician appt yesterday for the official weigh in. WAHOO! She has gained a whole pound since birth!!! The pediatrician was VERY impressed. She's a good eater, that one.
I also wanted to include my very favorite homemade card we have received. This is from the daughter of one of Curt's nurses. "Hip Hip Hooray! It's a girl!" I love the detailed caricatures of each of us. Curt looks like a preacher man screaming the gospel in his black robe. And I look like the lady on the TBN network (right after I got my lip augmentation).

I love this! Thank you, Allyson!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nothing mushy... just cute pictures of Brown

Every time I think about writing a blog entry, I just feel too overwhelmed so I don't do it. I was just staring at Joseay after I finished feeding her. She was fast asleep with a little drop of milk on her bottom lip. She looked SO CUTE! I just kept staring at her and thinking... I can't believe you are my daughter. It's just wild. But I don't want to get into all of that mushiness right now. I really need to be sleeping instead of posting anything on the blog. This is not smart, because she will be waking me up in about 84 minutes to eat again.

BUT... I had to post these pictures of Brown. He was taking a bath the other night and he was just precious. I felt like he was getting ready for a little date or something... getting suddsy, combing his hair. He LOVES combing his hair and brushing his teeth. So funny.

the finished product...

And not to be left out, this is a picture of Curt rewarding Joseay with milk after her sponge bath today that she wasn't a huge fan of.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a great day!!!

If you ever followed the "Brown Blog", you probably picked up on the fact that my (chris's) parents just aren't "baby people." I've always known that. Ask any adult who has ever taken their children into their Barker's jewelry store in Louisiana. There were no babies curling up on those laps. Now, to clarify, Curt's mom and dad are all about the grandbabies and keeping them and baby sitting all the time. Well... you CAN teach old dogs new tricks.

My parents are suckers for this baby. And they are the ultimate suckers for Brown. They have already been a huge help for me as I am trying to get used to this two child thing. While I am feeding Joseay and trying to keep her awake for more than 6 minute intervals so we can fatten her up, they are playing hard with Brown outside and wearing him out. I can hear my mom howling laughing in the other room right now at whatever Brown is doing to make her laugh. My dad just told her to stop laughing so hard so she doesn't have a heart attack. They eat this boy up. And... don't tell them I said this, but they are SLIGHTLY becoming "baby people" with this cute little 4 pounder in the house. She is such a little cutie! We are staying with my parents this week while Curt has had to go back to work. It has been great. They play and help, and I get to play and look at my kids. KidS. Wow... plural. I still can't believe it.

Anyway... it's not like there are a lot of new events happening. Besides the fact that Joseay is getting cuter every hour, there really isn't a lot to report. I'll attach a couple of pictures, but again... it's not like Joseay is doing much but hanging out. Sleeping. Eating. Sleeping. Cutening. etc.

Curt's mom (Nana) and Joseay

Monday, November 9, 2009

Brown Meets Joseay (video)

We wanted to capture Brown's expression when we introduced him to his new baby sister. It's a pretty uneventful video, but I love his blank stare as he is checking her out. I also love how my mom shoved her hat down over her nose and mouth when she was trying to put her hat back on for me. But my favorite part is at the very end when I put Joseay down on the couch right up next to Brown and he pushes his arm against her to get her away from him. Hilarious! Sorry buddy... she's going to up in your grill for the rest of your life!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Did this really just happen?

To say that this has been the most intense, dramatic, unreal month of our lives is really an understatement. In the last 30 days, we have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows of our lives. 30 days. It has been packed. And it has ended on the sweetest, most unexpected note we could imagine. Yesterday we received a call from our adoption attorney that there was a baby that had been born the day before, and the birth mother wanted to meet us. So a few hours later we drove to the hospital to meet her. It went really well and she said that she thought we were a good match for her baby. And... that was it! We picked up the baby girl from the hospital today and here we are... sitting on the couch together. Snuggling. Looking. Staring. Wondering if we are going to wake up from this dream. So surreal. Wonderful. She is beautiful. Tiny. So petite. Precious dimple in her chin. This is crazy! I can't believe that this just happened to us. We have been waiting... dreaming of this moment. And it's here. And I just can't believe it's real.

We are so happy. Thankful. Undeserving of this sweet little thing. Brown is very curious. It is too cute! When we brought her in, he couldn't stop staring at her. No smile. No frown. Just staring at her... wondering who she was and having no clue about how she was going to completely rock his little world. After the initial shock, he was very sweet and kept handing us her milk for her. So cute. I am about to feed her and then get a couple of hours of sleep before the next feeding tonight.

Thank you for being a part of this insane adventure with us. Thank you for weeping with us when we wept, and now rejoicing with us as we are overcome with joy... and the realization that we aren't going to wake up from a dream. This is real. This is our family. We can't wait for you to meet Joseay Rebekah Chaffin.

(have you ever seen Curt look so happy!?!)

We are happy to be able to give her our family names. Joseay is a combination of Chris's dad and grandfather who are both named Joseph, and Curt's grandfather who is named Seay. It sounds like Jo-See. We know, we know... but she'll get used to it.