Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

The Chaffin family has had a wonderful morning. Up early, Brown doesn't understand that when school and work are canceled, that means to be lazy for a while. But it is 3pm as I write this, and though we have been out in the snow, eaten several times, bathed the kids, everyone is still in pajamas so I guess we qualify for lazy.

Joseay likes touching the snow. Her face kind of squeezes up when her hand pushes through the surface of the snow. But this 6 or 8 inches or whatever we have on the ground out there, comes up past her knees. That translates to about two foot for an equivalent amount for an adult. So my point is, a toddler, with a true “toddler”gait does not handle the snow so well. So her time outside has been fairly brief.

Brown came out and played for a while, but his gloves just don't quite stay on and his hands got cold really quickly. Add that to the fact that he just likes eating the snow and he got chilly quickly. His first words when we looked out the window early this morning were “want to eat that snow.” But we did get in some sled rides in our backyard along with some snowball fighting which consisted of him coming and throwing loose snow at my knees. But it was really fun none the less.

We continue to be blessed with happy kids, happy times and lots of love. Brown is talking much more now and can communicate his needs more easily which I think had led to a lot less frustration for him as well as us. He is developing friends in that he looks forward to seeing them when they get together at various times. He and Joseay love to play with each other which has been nice. We had cinnamon rolls this morning and while Chris and I were lingering at the table eating, both of the kids were playing in Joseay's room. When they were both laughing, Chris looked at me and said, “See, everyone told us the kids would get to this point.” Fun times in St. Elmo!