Saturday, December 29, 2012

The mind of a child

Earlier in the fall, after a long summer of light and warmth, as the dark evenings began to grow, Joseay became very concerned one evening.  She asked where the light was going.  Now I have to add that we are fairly regular on our bedtimes, generally by 8 or so.  So when she asked this, I really didn’t know what she meant.  But after talking about it with her for a while, I realized that she has simply no recollection of being awake when it was dark outside.  She thought it was getting ready to storm as that is the only time she saw darkness when she was awake.  Weird.

We have just come through Christmas which has been very fun with the kids, though I have to say that the whole Santa deception thing is a bit much.  I have my doubts as to what it is doing to their concept of the world/God/Jesus.  Especially when Brown asked if God was going to come down the chimney.  There are too many confusing mysteries in the world as it is, it seems almost overwhelming for a kid.  (I just realized that my kids have been jumping on my back and asking for a piggybank ride.  I need to somehow explain that I am not a pig, but they are welcome to ride on my back, and for some strange reason, we put our change in a container shaped like a pig, what can be confused?)  But they seemed to have a blast with Christmas.  We got them kayaks and they have loved them despite the fact that they have not moved beyond the doors of the house yet.  Who knew you could have hours of fun pushing your kayak around the house, pretending it is all manner of things.  And I was worried they would be disappointed that we couldn’t use them for a few months.  I am not even sure they realize that they go in the water!

This might be the last year, but they are so very innocent and have not yet learned to be materialistic like the rest of us.  We went to the Chattanooga market a few weeks ago and they had a Santa roaming around.  They of course first were scared, but after a while, they mustered the courage to approach him.  He gave them a candy cane which they were thoroughly impressed with.  Several days later, someone asked them what they wanted from Santa, and their reply was that they had already gotten a candy cane.  They were done.

We pray for their hearts, that as they grow, they would mature, but keep at least a portion of that childlike innocence.  And we pray that we would relearn this gift during this Christmas season.