Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring into Summer

Well, blog posts come rarely these days. There are so many notable moments in our lives now that to try to encompass them seems ridiculous, so I will just share a bit as it comes to mind now.

Our neighbors loaned us a children’s Noah’s Ark play set with ark, animals, and people. Brown and I were looking through the animals and he was naming them as I pulled them out. Giraffe, lion, cow, etc.

I next pulled out Noah, robe, white beard.

Brown looked at him, cocked his head over to the side. Then his eyes brightened as he said “Santa Claus!”

Suppressing laughter, I just said ok, and moved on to the next animal. I would like to wax eloquent about how confusing fairy tales and bible stories are to children who can only think in concrete terms, but I will save that.

Brown's speech therapy is going well, too well. They forgot to tell us where the off switch is. He loves asking "what that?" or "who gave me that?" or "what doing daddy?" Its hard to believe he was ever nonverbal.

Joseay is a trip. Not sure how to describe her current phase. Willful, curious, loud, messy, still nearly bald, hilarous, ticklish, all that. Come visit for a first hand look and then let us know your opinion.

This weekend, we were moving sand for the sandbox and I was using the wheelbarrow and Brown of course wanted to help.

He came over, slipped under one of the handles and was holding both handles in front of me as we walked sand around the garden. His interest just lasted a few seconds really but there I was, working in the yard with my son working and playing in the sun, sweaty, healthy fun. I looked over at Miss farmer Chris who was hoeing in the garden (yes, that minivan driving, signal living mom of two now wields a hoe so watch it) and thought, does it get any better than this? Speaking of garden and my wife, we had our first produce from the garden last night in the form of a basil/cilantro pasta dish.

Not sure where this life is taking us, but we are enjoying a generous season in many ways at the moment and are so grateful.