Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chubby 6 Pounder!

Well... first of all, OK, OK, you were right. We are having a hard time keeping this blog as up to date as we did for the first child. So there. You were right. So here is a quick update. I took Joseay to her 2 week pediatrician appt yesterday for the official weigh in. WAHOO! She has gained a whole pound since birth!!! The pediatrician was VERY impressed. She's a good eater, that one.
I also wanted to include my very favorite homemade card we have received. This is from the daughter of one of Curt's nurses. "Hip Hip Hooray! It's a girl!" I love the detailed caricatures of each of us. Curt looks like a preacher man screaming the gospel in his black robe. And I look like the lady on the TBN network (right after I got my lip augmentation).

I love this! Thank you, Allyson!

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  1. I just showed this Ally, it made her day. Now she is famous and going to tell her teacher that her artwork is online. A born celebrity, that one is!