Friday, May 30, 2014


Did I mention that girl is fearless?  A few weeks ago, it was just Joseay and I at the house, she had been riding her bike a bit, then we were wandering in the woods.  Weirdly enough, most of the trees in the woods are not good climbing trees, so despite having tons of trees, my kids really haven't climbed trees to any great extent.  So I got to looking around and found a hemlock tree that would be serviceable.  At first, she didn't really get it, didn't get the concept.  But as soon as she put her head up a few feet into the branches, this happened:

I like the fact that she still has her helmet on...

A few weeks later, the week before Easter, we were at the lake with some other kids all of who were sort of playing at the edge of the water, dipping their toes in and talking about how cold it was.  Joseay then takes a running leap off the dock and splashes into the water.  You didn't even have to look to know who it was.  Now she got out pretty quickly as the week before Easter, it was still pretty chilly.

This is going to be exciting...

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