Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter adventure

Mid winter, lots of fun around here and want to update at least with a few pictures.  We have had lots of coughing, a little puking, and a lot of mucous around our house for the last month or more.  We will spare you pictures of this.  But we have managed to squeeze in a trip to UVA to visit friends and hit a ball game. We had a small mardi gras celebration, went rock climbing, had a father daughter dance at valentines,Brown creatively dressed up like an astronaut (see grocery bags on Brown). Brown loves taking things apart and inspecting the gears, etc. Lots of playing in the snow especially over the last week - this ice sledding was fast and furious - too fast and too furious at times - Joseays bloody nose was the final straw that finally let Chris’ frozen feet start walking towards home.  There has been lots of chasing around the house, lots of dress up, long warm baths and even some movies thrown in here and there.  Its winter time here at the Chaffins.  Come visit soon, cause spring will be on us, and we will be out of the house!

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