Monday, April 8, 2013

A glimpse of perfection: Easter in the rearview

I didn't know Chris had mentioned the snow globes yet.  But here was my take on them post Easter.

Easter is about perfection and imperfection, God and the world.  And about the invasion of one from the other.  We thought he had died, another disappointment when there seemed such promise.  Yet we were used to imperfection, so we were ready to go on.  But Easter is about that perfection rising again, something we are not used to.  Easter is the promise fulfilled, about making whole what was broken.

broken again
So it was fitting that we had a small picture of this in our house this Easter to remind us of this conjunction.  Have your kids ever had those glass snow globes that you shake up to watch a brief snowfall over some seasonal scene? Have you ever wondered why in the world we would give kids a glass ball where the object was to shake it? Should we be surprised at the outcome?  so several weeks before Easter, we went through the all too predictable scenario of having one for each child, then broken glass and water everywhere, cleaning, finding more glass, telling them to be careful with the remaining one, then repeating - broken, water, glass, clean.  So they were both broken well before Easter and I thought that was the end of it.  Then unannounced, two more showed up at our house on Easter weekend.  Gifts. Thanks.  Did we learn? Not so much.  within hours, here was the result: broken again.

So this has been my picture of our imperfect attempts, over and over to learn to live in Gods kingdom, knowing that grace is our only ticket.  We try, we fail, we remember grace.  Not a bad lesson from some two dollar trinket.
hope for next year

By the way, we did tuck the last unbroken snow globe away until next year.  
It will serve as a symbol of perfection. 
A symbol of Easter.  
A symbol of life where death is expected. 
Then we will try to pull it out and not break it.  
Any guesses as to the outcome?

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