Friday, March 9, 2012

4 years and counting

What does a dad say to his son on his birthday? Brown, you have only been with us for 4 years, but it seems we have always known you and could not imagine our life without you.  We have watched you blossom and continue to see new insights into who you are and who you may become.  We love you.

Now to review our time at waffle house.  We were having a great December 11th morning at the WH sitting at the bar, talking to the waitresses (they wanted to eat you up), listening to the orders get yelled, watching the cooks do their thing, talking to others at the bar and generally having a great 4yr old adventure.  Then a new gentleman joined us at the bar and sat right next to you (Brown). All was going well as he pulled out his grapefruit...            Yes, he brought his own grapefruit into waffle house.  First of all, who brings their own grapefruit out to breakfast.  Secondly, I didn't know that they even allowed food into the waffle house unless it clogged your arteries in some way.  When he asked for some saran wrap to wrap half of his grapefruit to take home, I held you just a little bit closer to me.  Ok, to each their own.  He ordered some food and then opened up his ipad on the counter.  Not sure if he doesn't have kids or whatever but setting an ipad next to a 4 year old with an orange juice cup on the same counter made me just a bit nervous.  After reading his ipad for a bit and apparently cross checking it with the paper copy of the newspaper that he also spread out on the counter, the waitress brings out the bacon on a plate to the gentleman.  He asks that she bring out all his food on one plate. She is standing there with the food on a couple of plates and she asks if he wants her to take back the food and put it on a single plate.  Yes is the answer.  She proceeds to take the bacon and eggs and hash browns back to accomodate the grapefruit bearing ipad risker. It was about this point that you reached out your fork toward the gentleman's half eaten grapefruit saying "I want a bite." 

I hope you don't remember how forcefully I grabbed your hand.

Happy Birthday and here is to many more!

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