Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming into focus

Don't all dads think their daughter is perfect?  So it was a shock to my system when she recently required glasses.  And due to my poor choice, she is wearing dark gray glasses against her pale skin and looks hilarious. Studious.  Dorky. One well meaning friend even said she was cute in a quirky sort of way.  What? My crazy, funny, beautiful daughter?  Quirky?
It is in relationship that we learn most about ourselves - usually the parts of ourselves that we have kept most hidden from others and perhaps even our self.  We try not to focus on those parts but they come out at odd times and remind us that they need to be dealt with at some point.  Joseay is a beautiful girl and she remains so.  Her energy and curiosity alone are infectious and that smile melts me quickly.  Now she has an additional advantage, she can see more easily when she has her father wrapped around her finger. Not fair.

Thank you my beautiful daughter for teaching me about beauty and correcting my altered view of the situation.  We love you like crazy. 

I might look for another color of glasses...

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  1. Our older daughter had to wear bifocals with the line when she was two years old. Her eyes crossed but never consistently so we never did surgery. Eye drops, patching, eye exercises - - by junior high, she was out of them. However at two years old, her glasses made her look like Jiminy Cricket! They were wider than her face.
    Our second daughter went in glasses in fifth grade. She has tried contacts but prefers the glasses - - - cannot see much at all without them. We are blessed to live in a country where their vision can be easily corrected. You all are great parents to get her the medical attention she needed.