Thursday, March 31, 2011


My Dad's mom died earlier this month. She recently had broken a vertebrae in her back and had been going through rehab in the hospital, then a rehab unit and then finally had made it to an assisted living sort of place where she could have her own stuff in her room - her own bed, dresser etc. Not home, but fairly close. It was run by her church and had worship services and bible study for her and I believe she was beginning to settle in. She died apparently peacefully in her sleep at 92. She had a long, blessed life and for that we are thankful. Brown had become fond of visiting with her on a regular basis and still mentions her name at random times. He got to visit her the day before she died as Chris took Joseay and Brown by to see her at lunch. Of course the workers loved seeing the kids and brought them some ice cream which you can see Brown devouring in this picture. This is the last picture we have of grandma. I am glad that she knew my kids and obviously loved their visits and seeing them grow and develop. She knew Joseay was a girl, but would frequently say things like: "oh isn't he cute." Joseay still could use some hair...

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