Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nothing mushy... just cute pictures of Brown

Every time I think about writing a blog entry, I just feel too overwhelmed so I don't do it. I was just staring at Joseay after I finished feeding her. She was fast asleep with a little drop of milk on her bottom lip. She looked SO CUTE! I just kept staring at her and thinking... I can't believe you are my daughter. It's just wild. But I don't want to get into all of that mushiness right now. I really need to be sleeping instead of posting anything on the blog. This is not smart, because she will be waking me up in about 84 minutes to eat again.

BUT... I had to post these pictures of Brown. He was taking a bath the other night and he was just precious. I felt like he was getting ready for a little date or something... getting suddsy, combing his hair. He LOVES combing his hair and brushing his teeth. So funny.

the finished product...

And not to be left out, this is a picture of Curt rewarding Joseay with milk after her sponge bath today that she wasn't a huge fan of.

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  1. What beautiful kids, guys! I love the "finished product" picture of Brown. The self-imposed underbite is really cute....not sure why that is fun, but Cal does it, too.