Monday, November 9, 2009

Brown Meets Joseay (video)

We wanted to capture Brown's expression when we introduced him to his new baby sister. It's a pretty uneventful video, but I love his blank stare as he is checking her out. I also love how my mom shoved her hat down over her nose and mouth when she was trying to put her hat back on for me. But my favorite part is at the very end when I put Joseay down on the couch right up next to Brown and he pushes his arm against her to get her away from him. Hilarious! Sorry buddy... she's going to up in your grill for the rest of your life!


  1. It's difficult to be #1 and then one day realize you are sharing the spotlight! We will pray that he realizes what a privilege it is that God chose him for the big brother! There is a great book called I WISH I WAS THE BABY by DJ Long. The big brother sees all the attention his baby sister receives and wants to trade places. When he does, he realizes how many more things he can do without having to depend on others. Babies just lay there while big boys get to play, etc.

  2. Facial expressions speak a thousand words! Love it!