Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is what I cannot stand:

I've thought about it... For months- years, actually. This grosses me out way more than dirty diapers or puke. Officially, the thing I dislike most about the toddler years --- I despise the after meal cleanup under the table. It is so disgusting to me for some reason... I'm not sure why my kids can't seem to keep the majority of their food in their mouths or on their plate or at least on the table somewhere. Anywhere. But crawling on my hands and knees with a rag under the table picking up moist morsels of half eaten food after a meal... Hate it. Hate it. The end. This is Chris writing in case anyone ever reads this or wonders if Curt or Chris is the one who hates this. It's me.


  1. I had forgotten about that fun. A dog comes in really handy at this point in life!

  2. Spread a sheet under their chair. Gather it up, shake it out, throw it in the wash:)

  3. I'm coming in late, but will say that this is the stage at which the dog earns her keep...until she starts turning her nose up at Cheerios.